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The biggest challenge for us is to provide technical solutions to extremely complex problems that other consulting companies cannot solve. In order for the EU to be climate neutral by 2050, we offer services to comply with the European Green Deal. It is our responsibility to ensure that the tasks we perform for our customers are done in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our Expertise

Our Main Service

Structural mechanical resistance, stability, and earthquake protection.


Assessment of the project in terms of mechanical resistance, stability, and earthquake protection of the structures.


An in situ assessment of the quality of a built structure to a level of 50%.


In situ control for quality of concrete and percentage of reinforcement and quality of reinforcement, on a built structure up to a level of 100%.

Our software & diagnostic equipment is state-of-the-art

Our analyzes use software that applies the finite element method. In addition to the linear analyzes of the model problem, we implement the finite element method. For the analysis of special cases, our team develops new types of 2D and 3D finite elements. In our research, we are increasingly applying AI techniques by training our models.

“Many tasks that other institutions find impossible to accomplish are our challenges”.

Mihail Garevski, Prof. Dr

Founder, CEO of ISOGKP

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Our Expertise

involve architecture, construction, green technologies (PV farms, wind turbines, hydro-technical facilities),and disasters management .

Feasibility Studies

We make you feel save with your project idea. Provides the basic parameters that are essential for project design, which can be used to determine the cost of the project as well as the time of its completion.involves a cost/ benefits analysis of the project, helping organizations determine the viability, cost, and benefits associated with a project before financial resources are allocated.

Design &Supervision

Renewable energy systems such as wind-turbines, a large-and small scale photovoltaic system (PV system), hybrid wind/PV systems and hydroelectric reversible and small plants.Various engineering structures (buildings, bridges, reservoirs, etc.) are also on our list. Part of our activities are projects related to earthworks. We are also working on various architectural solutions.

Custom Software, Project Management

We can easily organize projects and divide by activities and tasks. Keep up with your team’s progress and project’s performance.We will provide a complete project management solution with GANTT charts. Visualize how the project is structured and scheduled. Share the data with your team and track completion with Gantt charts.

Why People Trust Us

Because we are available 365.25.Providing quick solutions and quality control is what we do. On-time completion is always our goal when it comes to the tasks we receive from clients.

High Quality Testing

In addition to laboratory testing, we also provide in situ testing services

Unmatched Expertise

Looks at more solutions to come up with the best solution.

Precise Result

As the project progresses and once it has been completed, internal control is ensured.

Qualified Staff

Planned and executed with precision in order to meet project deadlines.

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